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23 May SSG Graphite Decks Upgrade Kit for Tamiya Top Force
admin 0 252
Add some color and performance to your Tamiya Top Force with the SSG Graphite Upgrade Set For Tamiya..
21 Apr Tritronic 4X Waterproof Dual Motor 6s Brushed ESC
admin 0 613
We have released the Tritronic 4X Waterproof Dual Motor 6s Brushed ESC designed for heavy duty use..
29 Mar Aluminum Upgrades for Traxxas Drag Slash
admin 0 767
Following the release of the Traxxas Drag Slash, we thought to release some Drag Slash Aluminum Upgr..
25 Mar Updated! V3 1/10 Touring Car Setup Station
admin 0 1200
We were in the process of re-manufacturing our #YT-0140 1/10 Setup Station for 1/10 Touring Cars and..
04 Feb Wolrd Champion Marc Rheinard uses Momentum Setup Station!
admin 0 523
With multiple world champions under his belt, it was great seeing Marc Rheinard sporting the Hara Si..
16 Nov Upgrade Parts for Element's 1/10 Scale Crawler: The Enduro
admin 0 2741
Element's Enduro is the next crawler in line to receive our upgrade treatment. we have released a ho..
15 Nov Tamiya XV-01 Upgrade Kit
admin 0 2231
As the year ends, we thought it would be a great time to revamp our Tamiya XV-01 Upgrade Series. Int..
12 Nov Momentum 1/10 Touring Car Setup System
admin 0 1694
To round out the pit table tool set for our Momentum series, we have released this 7075 Aluminum Set..
04 Nov Yeah Racing Mini-Z 4WD MX-01 upgrades
admin 0 2482
Since the release of Kyosho's micro sized Mini-Z scale crawler, we have been releasing upgrade parts..
29 Jul Yeah Racing 1/28 Mini-Z AWD Rims
admin 0 2367
Introducing our plastic 1/28 Mini-Z AWD Rims, in both wide and narrow form. With a life-like rim loo..
23 Jul Tamiya TT01/TT02 Quick Change Battery Mount
admin 0 2496
Quick change battery mount for Tamiya's TT02 and TT01 #TATT-055BU is now available! Spring loaded ta..
21 May Yeah Racing Series: Atsushi Hara Momentum Professional RC Car Tools
admin 0 3090
Atsushi Hara, known for multiple world champions across different disciplines have been with us for..
07 May Aluminum Steering & Suspension Upgrade Kit for 3Racing Sakura D5
0 5222
Our Aluminum upgrade package #SKD5-S01BK for 3Racing's Sakura D5 is now available! After extensive ..
14 Apr Internal Spring Scale Shocks For Axial SCX24
admin 0 2376
37mm eye to eye length internal spring scale shocks for Axial's SCX24 #AXSC-063RD. Comes with all re..
29 Mar Yeah Racing Signal 10 Competition Grade 40mm Cooling Fan
admin 0 1275
Keep your motor cool with our 40mm Signal 10 Cooling Fan #YA-0534 ! Comes with a 200mm long black so..
29 Mar 40kg Waterproof Brushless Aluminum Case Servo Goes Underwater!
admin 0 1220
We brought our 40kg Waterproof aluminum case servo #YE-0036BK out for a crawl! Delivering up to 40kg..
26 Mar Desert Lizard Internal Spring Piggyback Dampers in Action!
admin 0 1687
Check out our piggyback internal spring dampers in action! A second reservoir keeps the damping in ..
23 Mar Yeah Racing Twistex Shrouded 30mm cooling fan at Yan Chai Race Cup
admin 0 866
Our Twistex Cooling Fan #YA-0611 was seen all over the pits at a indoor carpet race recently held in..
10 Feb Real World Testing: Twistex 30mm Shrouded Cooling Fan!
admin 0 1296
With the release of our Twistex 30mm Shrouded Fan #YA-0611, we thought it would be good to see it in..
18 Jan Tamiya TT02: Competition Touring Level Upgrade Kit
admin 0 4838
With the release of our Competition Touring Car Upgrade kit for Tamiya's TT02, we would like to run ..
12 Jan 3racing Sakura D5 Upgrades Preview!
admin 0 7800
We have some upgrades for the 3Racing Sakura D5S coming soon and we'd thought to share some of the p..
06 Jan Yeah Racing Twistex Shrouded Cooling Fan #YA-0611
admin 0 2508
An upgrade to our Tornado Series of Cooling Fans, will be our upcoming series of Twistex shrouded fa..
31 Dec Graphite Curved Steering Rack For Yokomo's YD2
admin 0 2404
Today, we show you a new curved steering rack we have planned for Yokomo's YD2! It features a vertic..
17 Dec Yeah Racing Custom 1/10 Crawler Graphite Frame Rails Build Details
admin 0 3909
We'll be looking at a very nice build today build with our Custom 1/10 Crawler Graphite Frame Rails ..
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