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21 Sep Aluminum CNC Beadlock Rim 0 167
Check out our Aluminum CNC Beadlock Rim!Several option with different color and number of spoke.Let'..
14 Sep Momentum Atsushi Hara Driver Tool Series
admin 0 538
Momentum series of drivers are now available! All the sizes you would need ranging from 1.5mm to 3mm..
05 Sep Aluminum Setup Stand and Graphite Setup Board
admin 0 434
With the release of our Aluminum Setup Stand #YT-0222BK and Graphite Setup Board #YT-0221BK for the ..
31 Aug Aluminum Case Tornado 30MM Booster Fan 0 254
Check out our Aluminum Case Booster Fan.A closer look to our Booster Fan.Comes with red, blue and bl..
19 Aug Optional Parts For Axial SCX24 0 436
We have released some optional parts for Axial's SCX24.The series list for the optional parts.Modify..
11 Aug Tamiya T3-01 Optional Parts 0 398
We have released some optional parts for Tamia's T3-01 Two new optional parts.Light weight front axl..
08 Aug Desert Cobra Two Stage Suspension Spring Damper
admin 0 435
We have expanded our crawler damper range with the introduction of our Desert Cobra dual spring da..
02 Aug Desert Lizard Scale Crawler Shock Build Tutorial by Rccctr Team
admin 0 317
The Rccctr team from Turkey recently made a very in-depth video on how to build every setup of Deser..
29 Jul Upgrade Parts for Kyosho Optima Mid
admin 0 532
We have recently released a full series of parts for Kyosho Optima Mid, upgrading key components on ..
13 Jul Mini-Z Multi Function Tool Stand
admin 0 530
Check out our Mini-Z Multi Function Tool Stand.Neatly organise the tiny parts of your Mini-Z racer w..
30 Jun Aluminum Upgrades for Kyosho Mini-Z Buggy!
admin 0 946
Aluminum upgrade parts aimed at reinforcing critical key components found on Kyosho's Mini-Z Buggy. ..
28 Jun Desert Lizard Internal Spring Crawler Dampers
admin 0 419
Our Desert Lizard Internal Spring Damper Series is a great upgrade for people who want to improve th..
23 May SSG Graphite Decks Upgrade Kit for Tamiya Top Force
admin 0 564
Add some color and performance to your Tamiya Top Force with the SSG Graphite Upgrade Set For Tamiya..
21 Apr Tritronic 4X Waterproof Dual Motor 6s Brushed ESC
admin 0 960
We have released the Tritronic 4X Waterproof Dual Motor 6s Brushed ESC designed for heavy duty use..
29 Mar Aluminum Upgrades for Traxxas Drag Slash
admin 0 1520
Following the release of the Traxxas Drag Slash, we thought to release some Drag Slash Aluminum Upgr..
25 Mar Updated! V3 1/10 Touring Car Setup Station
admin 0 1821
We were in the process of re-manufacturing our #YT-0140 1/10 Setup Station for 1/10 Touring Cars and..
04 Feb Wolrd Champion Marc Rheinard uses Momentum Setup Station!
admin 0 725
With multiple world champions under his belt, it was great seeing Marc Rheinard sporting the Hara Si..
16 Nov Upgrade Parts for Element's 1/10 Scale Crawler: The Enduro
admin 0 3165
Element's Enduro is the next crawler in line to receive our upgrade treatment. we have released a ho..
15 Nov Tamiya XV-01 Upgrade Kit
admin 0 2607
As the year ends, we thought it would be a great time to revamp our Tamiya XV-01 Upgrade Series. Int..
12 Nov Momentum 1/10 Touring Car Setup System
admin 0 2164
To round out the pit table tool set for our Momentum series, we have released this 7075 Aluminum Set..
04 Nov Yeah Racing Mini-Z 4WD MX-01 upgrades
admin 0 3312
Since the release of Kyosho's micro sized Mini-Z scale crawler, we have been releasing upgrade parts..
29 Jul Yeah Racing 1/28 Mini-Z AWD Rims
admin 0 2667
Introducing our plastic 1/28 Mini-Z AWD Rims, in both wide and narrow form. With a life-like rim loo..
23 Jul Tamiya TT01/TT02 Quick Change Battery Mount
admin 0 2768
Quick change battery mount for Tamiya's TT02 and TT01 #TATT-055BU is now available! Spring loaded ta..
21 May Yeah Racing Series: Atsushi Hara Momentum Professional RC Car Tools
admin 0 3369
Atsushi Hara, known for multiple world champions across different disciplines have been with us for..
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