We have some upgrades for the 3Racing Sakura D5S coming soon and we'd thought to share some of the prototypes for you to have a look!

We will focusing our efforts on the front ends to start. The lower arms will be of a slimmer profile when compared to the stock arm to reduce having to run large offsets to avoid rubbing on suspension.

Aluminum low profile steering knuckles which allows the use of brake calipers which fit the D5S.

Different ackermann steering holes for you to fine tune your ride.

A view of the steering knuckle without the brake caliper so you can see more of it.

Infinitely adjustable shock towers, without having set holes you can fine tune your shock angle to get your car to drift to your liking.

The shock mount is tightened with a screw on the back so the shock angle won't be affected if you want to remove the shock to change damper settings!

We still have some other parts lined up to be released, such as aluminum spur mount for better power delivery!