Check out our Aluminum CNC Beadlock Rim!

Several option with different color and number of spoke.

Let's see how it looks on the RC cars.

Aluminum structure provide strong and durable protection even during extreme stunt.


Beadlock Rim can be defined as equipment that is used to firmly attach a rubber wheel to the rim right along the bead.

If the RC tire is inflated, it creates pressure that pushes the bead against the wheel rim. This helps keep the tire on the wheel so that they can rotate together.


1. Beadlock rims will allow you to never have to spend hours taking off the glue from your old RC rims and then reapplying it. This is probably the biggest advantage of beadlock rims.

2. Beadlock rims are strong enough to take a beating against hard surfaces like rocks, stumps, etc. and you won’t have to worry about the glue breaking off during those rough races.

3. Beadlocks wheel rims make your RC vehicle look cool. You will find that beadlock rims come in many different styles and shapes and by changing the beadlock rim, you can change the look of your vehicle entirely.

If you are not into the durability, the color or texture is still worth a pick.

Perfect for quality and fashion build.