Check out our Aluminum Essential Conversion Kit For Tamiya CC-01

Six different parts all in one.

A few look of the parts on the chassis.

Convert plastic parts to a more durable aluminum structure.

Conversion kit - Plastic to Aluminum

RC parts and accessories are made of various materials, from plastics to metals.
They all have unique qualities and properties ideal for different applications.
Even a minor upgrade can make a great different.


Plastic is a lightweight material that can be molded into just about any shape that you need it to be.
Light weight structure make your RC cars easier to perform different kind of stunt. And even the extreme stunt that heavier RC cars can only dream of.

Weight make a great impact on acceleration. Aluminum heavier weight can increase the maximun speed of your RC car.

The extra weight provide a much more firm grip to the ground, helps overcome the problem of airflow.

Weight also help in some situation, like climbling and going down cliff.


Plastic RC parts are also prone to just wearing out over time. Wear and tear take a toll on them, and they tend to lose their tolerance.

In low temperatures, plastic stiffens up and becomes more brittle, and can be broken easier.

Aluminum part will not flex at all. It's going to stay stiff and rigid regardless of the temperatures outside. So when you crash, an aluminum part won't break like a plastic part.

Not to mention about aluminum tends to absorb heat away from a heat source. Making it a great heat conductor.

With aluminum structure, you can safely enjoy your RC cars even in extreme weather and environment.