Our Aluminum upgrade package #SKD5-S01BK for 3Racing's Sakura D5 is now available! After extensive testing, we have arrived at this iteration which gives all the adjustment you would need!

Our fully upgraded car along with our 55mm Big Bore Dampers #BBG-0055BK allowed us to throw some big and controllable slides at our local track.

The Car was easily tuned to suit the conditions of the tile track.

The Graphite and Aluminum front lower bumper #SKD5-006BK was strong enough and kept the weight down at the front. 

Paired with our Hacktronic G2 ESC #HTN-G2 power package, the drive feeling was very smooth and easy to control in and out of corners.

The KPI Front Knuckles #SKD5-001BK allowed for easy setup of the front end to give a good steering angle along with ackermann settings.

The 3Racing brake disc package also fits in nicely onto our front knuckles.

Easily tune shock angles with the Rear Shock Tower #SKD5-005BK which allows for minute adjustment to get that perfect shock angle. The Track Adjustable Rear Arms #SKD5-009BK will let you test different roll center settings as well as width!

We would like to thank 八道 Infinity Circuit for letting us run our car at their lovely track!

Video of the conversion kit in action: