Following the release of the Traxxas Drag Slash, we thought to release some Drag Slash Aluminum Upgrades aimed to provide some stiffer suspension items for the car to improve durability and on-power stability.

All the parts come in stealthy black with high shine silver edges. With all the required hardware to install on your car, make sure to use the included hardware as the taped original hardware will damage the aluminum parts if used.

Taking a look at the front of the car, the suspension arms, C-Hubs and Steering Knuckle are all areas which we released upgrade parts for.

Another look of the steering knuckle for a different angle, with Yeah Racing markings on them. Precisely machine aluminum parts keep the suspension movement smooth without introducing slop to the entire system.

Towards, the rear; the suspension arms are also upgraded to aluminum for less suspension flex during on power accelerations for more power transmitted to the wheels for the best acceleration off the line.

Besides the suspension, we also released steel universal driveshafts to help deal with the large amounts of power thrown at this chassis. With a tiny increase in weight, you get more durability to help you last through the day.

The universals feature a securing ring design which do not require set screws to hold the pins in place which might fly out during drag passes. Made from a strong heat treated steel for the utmost longevity when running these universals.

Another part of the suspension we upgraded were the shock towers. The shock towers' shapes were kept similar to the original as it was only a material upgrade to strengthen the areas of the car where the shocks mount to the car from the suspension arms.

The hole to route motor wires from the esc to the rear of the chassis where the motor is mounted was kept for neat wiring solutions.

Body mounting posts were kept the same as the original so body holes can be used from stock without the need for making new body holes and ruining the look of the good looking Traxxas bodies.

Last but not least, the front suspension mount has also been upgraded. We only changed the brace to aluminum as that part would strengthen the whole area of the car without adding too much weight to the car.