Check out our Big Bore Go Damper!

Comes with 3 different colors

Big Bore Go! Purchase this set of big bore shocks, add oil and off you go! Includes two different types of mounting pillow ball studs for different types of cars!

Included are different springs for you to fine tune your ride so you don't have to go looking for different springs after purchasing our set of shocks!

If you really want to get serious with tuning, there are different holes of pistons included so you can adjust the how the shock reacts to the shock oil.

Install Tutorial

What is Damper ?

You may call them shock absorbers, but the hydraulic suspension components that keep a car's springs from bouncing uncontrollably over bumps and potholes are technically known as dampers.

Dampers control the bouncing movement of the spring by providing resistance, to ensure the tyres are kept in contact with the road.

Why is it so important ?

Dampers play a vital role in the ride and handling of your car. But dampers tend be one of the most overlooked maintenance items on a car.
Aside from giving you a comfortable ride, dampers help manage a vehicle's stability, cornering, handling, traction, braking, stopping distance, and overall safety.

If you are interested in our Big Bore Go Damper, don't be shy to check it out !!!