Element's Enduro is the next crawler in line to receive our upgrade treatment. we have released a host of brass and stainless steel protectors for this crawler!

Now you can grab all these parts in one go with our Full Metal Upgrade Kit #EMED-S01!

Here we can see the stainless steel protector set #EMED-001 and the brass rear lower link mounts #EMED-004 installed.

With the brass installed at a low location, will lower the center of gravity for more stability.

Similar concept to the lower links, the brass diff #EMED-003 covers are another way to get more weight in a lower position as well.

A view of the brass diff cover and axle protector installed in the front of the truck.

Stainless steel skid plate protector #EMED-002, meaning it will not rust when you run your car in wet conditions!