Nowadays, RC motor comes with different feature and function.

Keep up with the new stuff to upgrade your beloved RC Cars.

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Check out our Brushless Motor!

Brushless sensor-less motor for Mini-z and any other 1/28 sized micro racers!

Features large air ventilation holes to keep with keeping temperatures cool! Four different set of mounting holes allows for you to shift the wiring to allow for ease of mounting.

D shaped cut motor shaft for use with both plastic and metallic pinion gears with set screws!

Play good and looks cool.

*Photos for reference only. Motors are of a "Outlaw" Spec.

Hackmoto series of motors, designed with performance in mind!

Using oversized copper wires, the internal resistance of the motors has been lowered. Oversized angle copper tabs allow for a large area to solder wires onto.

The motor case has been lightened as much as possible to reduce the weight which allows racers to easily balance their cars and aids with cooling.

Play good and looks cool as well.

What is Brushless / Brushed Motor ?

When talking about Brushless Motor, we can't ignore Brushed Motor.

You may know that one is more powerful than the other. Or that one runs better than the other. But do you actually know the real differences between brushed and brushless motors?

The simple answer is that the former uses brushes and the latter does not. However, it is a little more complicated than that.


1. Brushless Motor requires very low maintenance due to no brushes design.

2. Features a higher efficiency than the Brushed Motor.

3. Longer run time.

4. Greater speed.


1. Cheaper in price.

2. Less complex.

3. It's more rugged and robust, can withstand greater hit and rough environments.

Which one should I pick ?

As you can see, each of them have different pros and cons.

Let me help you to easily figure out which is best suit for you.


If you need to go faster than 15mph and would like to have some power efficiency, the brushless motor is the best bet for you.
Brushless motors are a great option for experienced racers who need to have more speed from their cars or hardcore bashers who just want to raise all hell with their RC vehicle.


If you don’t necessarily need fast speeds and maximum power from your motor then a brushed motor would be ideal for you.
Let’s say you just need to do crawling and require occasional speed boost at 5mph to 10mph. Then brushed motors are just fine for you.
They are also a great option for beginners who need ample power at a lower price.

Think wisely before picking the best match. And don't be shy to check it out !!!