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Yeah Racing high quality silicone shock oil for all disciplines of RC cars, ranging from micros all the way to large 1/5 scale beasts! Special formulated silicone shock oil for the least amount of viscosity change in high temperatures results in a more consistent handling car or truck. Large range of viscosities for use in either differentials or shock dampers for both on-road, drift and off-road cars.

Why use Oil 

Using shock oil helps to promote the longevity of the vehicle. The purpose of the oil is to absorb shocks when the vehicle crashes. Many people use RC cars for racing, so crashes are rather common. Sometimes, cars come away from races in a state of disrepair but having shock oil can give the car an extra layer of protection.

How to pick the right one 

The shock oil you will use depends on the type of RC car in which it will be used. Both motor oil and silicone-based oil can be used, but silicone-based oil is the best choice for most RC cars. When purchasing the shock oil for your RC car, you must consider the following factors:

1. The car’s weight

The general rule in the RC world is that the heavier your vehicle is, the higher the CST or WT of shock oil is required. The RC car industry is filled with different shapes and sizes of RC cars, and this has resulted in many shock oils being developed.

2. The size of the car’s absorber

If the RC car has a small absorber, it will use less oil. The opposite is true as well – larger absorbers will use more oil. RC car absorbers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Check to see what size your absorber is before making your purchase.

3. The stiffness of the car’s springs

All manufacturers make their products differently, so the springs within RC cars vary in stiffness. As a result, the spring stiffness is another thing that needs to be considered. If the spring is already loose and bouncy, then not as much oil is required. For stiffer springs, you will need more oil.

Having trouble choosing

While all RC cars are different from one another, there are many common RC vehicles that will use the same CST or WT because of their similar designs. The following chart outlines a few of the most popular RC car vehicles and the shock oil they need.

Why choose Silicone Oil

Silicone is used for many different things, but the use of it in shock oil is because of its incredible lubricating properties. Keeping the parts of the vehicle that absorb the impacts of a crash lubricated prevents maximum damage to the parts. Silicone-based shock oil is better for the environment than the other options of motor oil, as well.

Benefits for using Silicone Oil:

1. It is safer than motor oil.

2. Its lubrication is more effective than motor oil.

3. It is not flammable.

4. It is an electrical insulator, which means it will increase the life of your RC car.

5. It is usually cheaper than motor oil.

6. It is widely available, so it’s easier to find the right kind for your car.

If you are look for a shock oil for your beloved rc car, here are the right products for you!