To round out the pit table tool set for our Momentum series, we have released this 7075 Aluminum Setup System #MMT-008 which will work for both 1/10 ep and gp touring cars!

As per Momentum tradition, this setup system comes in black with purple highlights.

Easy to read markings when setting up your car's camber, with the bearing supported plates means that you will get accurate measurements.

We didn't try to re-invent the wheel so we went with the trusty toe-in gauge we have been using before.


We have also ensured that the caster measurement markings are correct when measured from the center hole.

Being a series worked together with Atsushi Hara, we incorporated his signature into the setup station.

Atsushi Hara Introduces the Momentum Series  (5:44)

Review by Masaya, Japan

Masaya 岡崎晟也: