Check out our Optional Upgrade Parts For Kyosho Optima / Optima Mid.

Several optional parts to upgrade the key components on your beloved rc cars.

Overview of the car with the upgraded graphite bits installed, with prototype aluminum parts shown.

Camberlink mounts and suspension mounts were also release in graphite for helping with the durability of the buggy.

Graphite shock tower increasing durability for landing jumps with the buggy.

Reinforce the connection between the upper deck and the chassis on your Kyosho Optima Mid reducing chassis flex.

What Is Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is made of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon that is used to strengthen material. And can be made in different shape to match different purposes.

For example:

1. Bike frames

2. Aircraft wings

3. Car components (even RC cars)

Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum


It’s also important to compare the strength of two materials which have the same thickness. Aluminum has a strength of about 500 kilonewtons compared to carbon fiber which can have up to 1600 kilonewtons of strength. Provide a better durability than aluminum.


The weight of a material is particularly important when trying to make a rc car faster or easier to perform any kind of stunt. Replacing the aluminum in an object with carbon fiber can reduce its weight by nearly half.


Parts made from Carbon Fibre are less prone to wear and tear. Carbon doesn’t suffer from fatigue, it won’t start to rot or degrade in poor conditions it’s a long lasting and hard wearing material.

Carbon Fiber For RC Cars

Carbon fiber is used on many RC cars for all types of things, from chassis to shock towers. The key benefit to carbon fiber is an excellent strength to weight ratio that makes it an ideal material for race RC cars.

If you are looking for a strong and lightweight or just a better looking upgrade for your beloved Optima / Optima Mid. These are the right products for you!