As the year ends, we thought it would be a great time to revamp our Tamiya XV-01 Upgrade Series. Introducing upgrades to our previously released parts.

Aluminum suspension mount #TAXV-011BU in all different widths for getting different arm angles and toe-in's.

For the front suspension, we have introduced both the steering knuckle #TAXV-008BK and lower arm #TAXV-001BK for a more durable and direct suspension setup.

Next up is our front motor heatsink #TAXV-006BU and fan mount, as this attaches onto the aluminum motor mount plate it also increases the heat dissipating capabilities. 

Aluminum front shock tower #TAXV-004BU acting also as a chassis brace to keep the chassis from flexing.

Rear hubs #TAXV-007BK and Rear Lower Arms #TAXV-002BK keep the suspension balanced to the front with matching aluminum upgrades.

Last but not least is the rear shock tower which ties the complete upgrade series together. Similar to the front shock tower, the rear tower also offers a reinforcement to the chassis.

For people who want to upgrade everything in one go, we also have an Aluminum Essentials Upgrade Kit #TAXV-S01BU/BK!