Tritronic 4X Waterproof Dual Motor 6s Brushed ESC designed for heavy duty use with large scale monster trucks, capable of running a dual motor setup and accepting up to 6s LiPo voltage! 

Full aluminum case to help cool the ESC, with also pre-drilled holes for you to mount a fan if you wish so with channels for increased airflow when using ESC with a fan. Capacitors are also integrated into the pcb, for a clean mounting onto your truck.

Power connectors chosen were the XT90's to deal with the large amount of current these big rigs use. 

A look at the Program Card #ESC-PC1 you can get to adjust settings on the 4X Esc! With some of the larger trucks being able to lock diffs, crawler settings were added to the ESC so your rig can be transformed to a crawler with some simple setting changes.