We were in the process of re-manufacturing our #YT-0140 1/10 Setup Station for 1/10 Touring Cars and we decided to bring some updates to our system.

The font was something we increased the size of for easier reading. The setup station still features ball raced at all friction points for a easier and accurate setup experience.

The top notch section color was also reversed to offer more contrast between the marking line and the setup station for easier reading as well.

The top ballstud can now be removed for people who really want a smaller profile for transporting. 

Last but not least, in our earlier versions the caster angle was taken from another point of reference. With how caster is measured nowadays, we have since then revamped the caster angles on our setup stations so that it is taken from the middle of the axle. 

The bigger bold font was also incorporated into the caster angle measurement reading for easier reading.

Currently we offer the setup stations in the following colors: