Yeah Racing smart charger with four independent bays for charging four 1.5V Li-Ion and 1.2V NiMH AA/AAA batteries simultaneously. Multiple safety features built in such as overheat, overcharge, and short circuit protection for safe care free charging.  We have released them in either Standalone Smart Charger #YE-0037 or as a Mini-Z Racer Bundle #YE-0038

Powered by a USB Type-C port, for higher amp delivery for faster charging and powerful punchy power packs! Our High Powered AAA batteries #YE-0032 fit perfectly inside!

Also functions as a led torch light, simply insert 4 batteries and hold the button to turn on and off the light!

Besides charging, this charger can act as a powerbank to charge different devices such as your phone or transmitter on the way to the track!