Atsushi Hara, known for multiple world champions across different disciplines have been with us for more than a year. To bling up his pit and to better suit his needs, we have released the Momentum series of Tools with direct input from Hara.

Being a seasoned touring car racer, the pit would not be complete with a Ride Height Gauge #MMT-004 in fine increments! 

Flip it on it's side and you will notice three big measurements. This is used to measure your body height, this will let you measure all around your body to make sure it won't scrape the ground.

Parts tray are all the craze nowadays, the #MMT-005 Aluminum Multi Functional Parts Tray features all the sections you would need to fit your loose bits and bobs and more!

Hara's signature featured on all tools.

Also comes with holes to hold diffs and banana plugs 

The Aluminum Droop Gauge For 1/10 Touring Car #MMT-006 features measurements for doing your downstop to your exact liking!

Pairs perfectly with the Aluminum Chassis Droop Gauge Support Block #MMT-002 with the purple edge highlights.

Setup stand for keeping your chassis off your pit table for easier maintenance access.

The Aluminum Magnetic Droop Gauge and Blocks Combo #MMT-003 For 1/10 Touring Cars, A neat little setup for easy transportation and less clutter on your pit table! Cleverly hidden magnets allow the blocks to slot in and stay in place inside the downstop gauge.

A must have for easy body wheel well cutting is the Aluminum Wheel Marker #MMT-010 in 1/10 Touring Car bodies.

The carefully designed nubs line up perfectly with Touring Car wheels and tires making it very easy to get a perfectly centered cut. Just trace around the outside edges with a sharpie and cut it out.

Video showcasing the full range of the tools, hex drivers and more coming soon!