Since the release of Kyosho's micro sized Mini-Z scale crawler, we have been releasing upgrade parts for it, today we have pieced together a fully upgraded yeah racing chassis with our upgrades!

The MX-01 comes with a very beautiful scale body with molded details that mimic the real life car with a plentiful option of bodies for you to choose from.

Our high powered AAA battery set #YE-0032 is a perfect fit for this chassis as it offers good amp draw for the high torque applications!

A look underneath the car where you can see the Stainless Steel Protector set #KYMX-009 which covers both axles and the skid plate.

A closeup of the Aluminum internal shocks #KYMX-012RD and the Adjustable shock angle rear mount #KYMX-001 which allows you to tune the suspension of your rig!

Aluminium lower shock mounts #KYMX-013RD which prevents your shocks from popping out and matching with our shocks!

Brass steering knuckles #KYMX-003 and Brass Wheel Caps #KYMX-002 helps keep the center of gravity low and allows you to extract more grip from the tires!