Keep your motor cool with our 40mm Signal 10 Cooling Fan #YA-0534 ! Comes with a 200mm long black soft silicone connecting wire making it suitable for all sorts of different cars and even for soldering directly to your ESC. The silicone wire meaning it will take a lot of heat before melting making it great for soldering. 


  • Fan Size: 40*40*12mm
  • Amp Dram at 8.4v: 0.61
  • Operating voltage 6.5-8.4v
  • Plastic Blade and Frame Housing
  • Dual ball Bearing
  • Stainless steel shaft core
  • Wire Length 200mm
  • Connector Futaba
  • Fan Speed: 19000 R.P.M (+/-10%)

Sits nicely behind or infront of your motor in Mid-Mount Touring Cars.