Check out our Hackmoto Just Climb / Just Race Series!

What so special about it ?


Yeah Racing Just Climb variant of the Hackmoto brushed motor!
Features a 5 slot armature, which translate to the utmost low end control to navigate tricky terrain or passing through gates during comps!
Copper Silver mix alloy brushes with a curvature precut means you can install this motor into your rig and go crawling!
The silver mixed into the copper allows for a very low resistance which gives you better battery life and more power.
Stiff brush springs ensures maximum power even if the brushes have been run down.


A good balance of speed and power consumption, the Just-Race Stock motor has been fine tuned so it's perfect amount of speed for your car so that's not too fast and not too slow for everyday bashing!
Ball raced fan stator and pre-soldered wires keeps things smooth, cool and simple for plug and play out of the box.

Just Climb Rock Crawler Brushed Motor 20T 1420KV

Model: MT-0036

Just Climb Rock Crawler Brushed Motor 16T 1850KV

Model: MT-0037

Just Climb Rock Crawler Brushed Motor 13T 2250KV

Model: MT-0038

Just Race High Power Stock 540 Brushed Motor

Model: MT-0042

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