Optional Parts Fits Traxxas TRX-4M

Huge collection of parts that fit Traxxas TRX-4M to hit your need to modify your beloved Crawler. Upgrade separately from head to toe, or throught combo kit in one go.

Series List

More coming soon, stay tune with us for more parts!


Yeah Racing Metal Driveshafts Review + Test Run

"Broke multiple plastic ones, upgraded to metal and they are perfect!"

by O8 RC Adventures

Yeah Racing Brass Upgrades

"The weight really helps plant the truck"

by Mauzyrock RC

Upgrade Sets

Can't make your choice from these large collection of parts? Safe yourself some time and mind, upgrade your RC in one go!

Brass Upgrade Set

Model: TR4M-S01

Helping you extract more grip from your tires and shifting the lower center of gravity lower for a more stable crawler.

Aluminum Essential Conversion Kit

Model: TR4M-S02

Upgrading the most essential parts on the chassis to aluminum for a more durable and precise car!

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