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Upgrade your TT02 from a backyard basher to a high performance RWD drift car with parts designed with the purpose of throwing massive slides in mind! Parts made from precision CNC aluminum, meaning fitment will not be an issue.
Everyone knows a large steering angle is required for RWD drifting, the steering rack has been redesigned around the original chassis so it will be a drop in installation whilst achieving large steering angle with the upgrade steering rack!
Combined with the highly adjustable suspension and steering geometry, you will be able to tune the performance and behavior to your liking! Adjustable rear universals have been included so that you can also adjust trackwidth.
Updated DSG dampers with longer ballcups to allow for more droop and the possibility to tune the "throw" of your chassis when going into the corner.
Now included TATT-019 Aluminum Rear Adjustable Suspension Mount.

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