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For Yokomo YD2 YD2S

High accuracy CNC machined aluminum hop ups parts to upgrade your yd2 yd2s RC Car. Good Quality, Design & Prices from Yeah Racing! Get it from our dealers today!

Model: YKYD-S03BK
Description: Upgrade the essentials on your Yokomo YD2S with this upgrade set! Features upgrades to the grip generated from the chassis and secure your battery with the battery mounts for more predictable cornering! Also included is the rear bulkhead and high CoG motor mount for you tune your car to..
Model: YKYD-S02BK
Description:Increase suspension efficency and adjustability with this upgrade kit. Features upgrades to the amount of freedom of adjustability to the front and rear end suspension through the suspension mounts which run on suspension inserts. Use different suspension inserts to change the roll cente..
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