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Body Tools

The all new CNC-machined body tools let making a new RC body much easier than ever. It saves your time to make a cool & nice looking car body.  We got Body Hole Reamers, Wheel Makers, Curved Lexan Scissors & more

Model: YT-0206BK
Description:Never have rough looking cut body posts again with this body post cutter! Loosen the knob at the end and make sure the little ball is backed off as well then insert your knife and start tightening the knob! In no time you will have very clean cut body posts on your car! The fun doesn't e..
Model: MMT-010
Description:Simple yet effective tool for marking wheel wells for easy cutting out, besides wheel wells you can also mark the height of how far it is off the ground. Which is sometimes required sometimes racing on carpet tracks and to avoid your body scraping on the floor and affecting performance! ..
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