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YD2 Upgrade Parts

High accuracy CNC machined aluminum hop ups parts to upgrade your Yokomo YD2 Professional Drift Car. Good Quality, Design & Prices from Yeah Racing! Get it from our dealers today!

Model: YKYD-035
Description:Aluminum curved steering rack for Yokomo's YD-2 series. Providing better a ackermann effect and reduces the effect of bumpsteer which gives a more consistent drift due to the unchanging toe-in/out!..
Model: YKYD-013BK
Yeah Racing Aluminum Gear Box For Yokomo YD2S Black #YKYD-013BK Description: Aluminum gear box upgrade for Yokomo's YD2S! Features a quick change differential system which allows you to swap quickly between differentials and quickly test different setups! Manual:..
Model: YKYD-034
Description:Spur gear support plate for evenly mounting your spur gear on your car. Made from Graphite enuring light weight and matching the rotating direction for your motor! Measuring 38mm outer diameter meaning its big enough for all sorts of drift cars!..
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